Remember The Josias

Last week I mentioned a new venture, The Josias, which I will be contributing to in the near future. After getting some technical matters out of the way, including a new web address, The Josias is starting to host fresh content. For those interested in the purpose behind the site, here you go:

Here we have endeavored to collect some writings which may be useful in improving the understanding of justice and the common good. We know that what is said here may seem strange and unwelcome, disconnected from the questions disputed among the Great and the Wise of our time: but we are not writing a mirror for princes, and hope that we may observe those things the more clearly in whose outcome we are the less invested.

Here are some links to the latest posts.


  1. Have you considered adding a Facebook page for the blog where posts would automatically flow? I’ve found this to be a helpful addition for folks who do not use RSS readers to keep up with blogs.

    1. We do have a Facebook page up for it — you should go Like it (and tell your friends)! The page populates with a link to the posts but I don’t think the full posts show up there. Is that an option? (I am not on the tech savvy side of things.) Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Thanks! I’ve added it to my list. The page populating with links is more than sufficient. You certainly could set it up to send the full posts there, but then it’s a question of where people are most likely to comment and discuss the material. I’ve noticed that some blogs simply turn off comments and use Facebook as a discussion forum. Others go the other way. It’s just a question of what you’d prefer. I’m looking forward to reading it!

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