1. “Rejecting capitalist ideology is not tantamount to accepting communism.”

    Indeed, it shouldn’t need restating, but it does, and it is reassuring to hear another state it.

    Or to put it another way: One does not reject Mammon in order to adore Moloch.

    Or again: radix malorem est cupiditas.

    Let us be perfectly clear: The call to dismantle all government is nothing less than a call to undo 12,000 years of civilisation. It is a call to dismantle justice, law, freedom, and right. It is a call for the strong to rule over the weak, and for this to be called right, and justice, and freedom. It is a call for do what thou wilt to be the whole of the law.

    It is a glorification of pride, and greed, and it is Satanic. The time for being diplomatic about this evil, evil creed is at an end. We must call it what it is if we are to wake up its adherents.

    1. Agreed. Just because it looks nice on Mr. Fancypants-I-find-capitalism-distasteful’s iPad doesn’t mean it works on my work computer’s browser.

      Get rid of the damn spacing between lines already!

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