1. And to you and yours as well.
    Quick question: Why do you express surprise that Orthodox would have little time for OICWR? Or was that purely facetious?

  2. Thanks for the mention and link. I think that Orthodox ecumenists, another small group, tend to like the OicwRs (both try to base Catholic/Orthodox relations on the falsehood that we changed our doctrine at Vatican II, so nothing stands in the way of our being in “the true church” but some of our diehards) but the other Orthodox who know of them (probably few) don’t, probably because the OicwRs claim to already be Orthodox. My guess: “radical Catholicism” is something like L. Brent Bozell Jr. minus the insanity.

    1. John, I personally know no Orthodox who would charge the Roman Catholic Church with having changed their doctrine during Vatican II (although for many the new liturgy does indeed seem to be a reflection of a vastly changed dogmatic sensibility); most I know, and I do know many, would posit that the drastic change in Catholic doctrine was made in Vatican I. It took liturgy a few years to play catch-up.

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