Charlie Hebdo and the Illiberal Catholic

Further thoughts on the Charlie Hebdo tragedy from the Josias.

The Josias

[The following reflection on recent events in France was submitted to The Josias by an anonymous contributor.]

Although Jacobin was set up as a venue to critique the failures and mediocrity of the New Left, it is interesting to note how often Jacobin and its supporters fall into bourgeois platitudes.Thus, in commenting on the recent tragedy of the Charlie Hebdo case, Jacobin is reduced to platitudes such as:

The argument will be that for the sake of “good taste” we need “a decent interval” before we start criticizing Charlie Hebdo. But given the scale of the ongoing anti-Muslim backlash in France, the big and frightening anti-Muslim movements in Germany, and the constant anti-Muslim scares in the UK, and given the ideological purposes to which this atrocity will be put, it is essential to get this right.

Defenses such as this of course are fuel for Front National and other similar organizations. Indeed,

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    1. I don’t know why any Catholic should agree with that deplorable article, which comes over as a wholescale capitulation to “Enlightenment values.” May we expect a sequel entitled “How the Catholic Church Made its Peace with Abortion?”

      Oh, and another thing, why does the author ascribe his own Quislingite views to “The Catholic Church” when he is merely waving his own white flag?

      1. From the article:

        “It was not by virtue of a shared Christian faith that Charlie Hebdo’s staffers and I were brothers — it was by virtue of our shared faith in Enlightenment liberalism. And not very long ago, my church might have asked me to commit the injustice of denying their rights … But let’s face it: the Catholic Church fought liberalism, and lost. I love the Catholic Church more than anything in the world, and I hope I would die for her if I had to — but I am glad she lost … Charlie Hebdo reminded me that as much as I am a man of Christ and a man of the church — because I am these things — I am also a man of Enlightenment liberalism.”

        A better instance of the applicability of Gresham’s Law in the cultural and ideological sphere can hardly be imagined; and also a good instance for pondering, since “no man can serve two masters,” what master is being served by such a stance.

  1. Western culture imposes such a choice upon believers: we are either apologists for blasphemy or apologists for murder. No matter how much we condemn the terrorist attack, until we also embrace the cartoonists’ blasphemies we will be condemned.

    If you’re correct that “western culture” imposes the choice (and I think you are), then so much the worse for western culture.

    But if we step outside the Overton Window, other choices open up to us. Mohammedans are aliens to western culture with unassimilable beliefs and cultural expressions, apt to breed violence even unto the third or fourth generation, and are often net consumers of welfare-state largesse. There is no reason whatsoever to allow them into western societies in significant numbers.

    In the absence of large Mohammedan populations prone to regular outbreaks of horrific “religious” violence (and countless examples of more quotidian antisocial behaviour), we would not have to make the choice you mention. In such a society, bans or social sanctions against blasphemy would not be craven capitulation to an alien and false religion under threat of violence (as we see in the left’s response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre), but an expression of respect and gratitude to the faith of our fathers.

    The first step is to immediately end all Muslim immigration, apart from strictly temporary student or work visas. That measure alone would send a clear signal about the limits of our patience with Mohammedan savagery, but if that was found to be insufficient, we could follow up with anti-sharia laws, bans on mosque construction and the public practice of Islam, or in the extreme, paid deportation: “Here’s $20,000, go open a barbershop in Lahore.” But as long as we accept the presence of a large population of hostile barbarians in our midst, we will continue to suffer these outbreaks, followed by these sterile “celebrate blasphemy or celebrate murder” arguments.

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