After more than a year of experimenting with a new theme for Opus Publicum‘s layout, I have decided to return to the one I used when I launched the first version this blog in 2011. While I am not insensitive to some of the “Manifest” theme’s drawbacks, I am not particularly fond of the old theme hiding the “About” and “Writings” pages under a tab which few first-time visitors notice or click on. Further, by hiding the “Categories” for each post, the previous theme was not conducive to visitors searching the archives for additional commentary. A casual comparison of my stats under the previous two themes as opposed to this one reveals a substantial drop in “clicking around.” As usual, if you have any feedback or suggestions to offer, I am all eyes.

Addendum, 1/13/15: After soliciting feedback from various quarters, I have settled on a new design altogether. Basically what it came down to is that the previous template was not mobile friendly; and as one faithful reader put it to me, “Everyone reads your blog on the Blue Line in Chicago.” If only that were true.


      1. Up to you as to what to do; I’d revert to the old one, and keep shopping around for new themes, if you’re really unhappy with the old one. I was never particularly fond of the old one, but it was pleasant to look at, and looked professional. This one feels lower-middle brow.

    1. Yeah, I am sensing that, too. Perhaps I should launch a Kickstartr campaign and whoever pledges the most gets to purchase one of the nicer themes from WP. I am just not inclined to spend the money at this point. I’ll mull over the other options.

      1. Perhaps you’ve already discovered there are a wide artistic variety of free mobile-friendly WordPress themes, although all of them might not be available inside the walls. Naturally, you will want to go both here

        and here

        and search under both “responsive” and “adaptive” in addition to “mobile-friendly”. Of course, you’ll only be able to use those within (I think), but you might find one you like that works at that’s also at that may just not be tagged prominently enough. WordPress tends to promote the latest themes, but there almost certainly are older ones, artistically appropriate to this blog, mobile-friendly, and free.

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