1. Gabriel, it’s difficult for me to locate the Archimedean point from which you’re arguing here. Are you an American Catholic? Are you an officer of the secular court? In either case, how have you managed to solve the problems the solution to which has eluded your fellows under the indictment you offer here? Or is this simply a confession?

    1. I am not sure what you are asking here (but I want to be sure before I answer!). Can you clarify it a bit? Are you saying that it is contradictory for me to be both Catholic and a participant in the larger social world?

      1. No, absent, as I mentioned, an alternative point of perspective from which to criticize others, I’m questioning why the type of individual you seem to be most critical of is yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I find such public self-criticism courageous. But admittedly mystifying.

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