Opus Publicum on the BBC (Sort Of)

Quite unexpectedly I was asked yesterday to participate in an on-air discussion about Pope Francis’s freshly minted exhortation for the BBC World program World Have Your Say. The full audio of the show is available online here and can also be downloaded as a podcast off of iTunes. Only the second-half of the show deals with Amoris Laetitia and I come into the conversation (briefly) around the 30-minute mark on the iTunes download or around the 32-minute mark on the website stream. After replying to two questions, I was cut-off and not given a chance to respond to the gentleman from Divorced Catholic who took umbrage with some of my words. Obviously I would have liked to have said more, but I appreciate the producers of the show for inviting me on.


        1. Oh yes. I think they wanted me to Skype or Facetime in, but I was at work so I had to go hide in the kitchen area to pontificate.

          At least it gave me an excuse to get up from my desk and go, “Sorry, gotta take this, the BBC is calling…”

            1. Well I just got the phone and besides, I’d hate for them to have to see me. I look like a member of ISIS (at least until Lent is over).

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