1. Being so young and small the American Solidarity Party is a lot more malleable than most parties, so those with significant differences can still get in there and push for whatever changes they think is necessary.

    1. Not really. The Catholics there are strict Magisterialists, the Protestants are strict Kuyers-ists, and the non-Christians agree with the preceding two. Basically, the spirit of the party is one that is uncompromising and unyielding on crucial issues especially the right to life..

      1. Surely you’re familiar with Svoboda’s origins as a neo-Nazi group (they called themselves “Social Nationalists” and used a Wolfsangel as their symbol- subtle!) You could argue that they’ve moved beyond that but I would argue not nearly far enough.

        1. I am familiar with its origins. What I support are many aspects of its political platform to the extent they are consistent with Catholic social principles. For instance, any racialist elements still left in the party would have to be rejected. However, having read over their platform, I don’t see such things.

    1. This is such a stupid comment that one can only make reference to the ROCOR attitude in the not too distant past, which basically stated that Moscow Patriarchate during the time of Soviet rule, was “the whole Russian Orthodox Stalinist thing.”

      1. If the Moscow Patriarchate had been founded with the explicit purpose of promoting Stalinism and incorporated the hammer and sickle into its coat of arms, you might have a point. That said, it would be hard to deny that the MP of today is very much a Soviet relic.

  2. If I were American,I would vote for the ASP. The local equivalent of ASP(from where I am)is dormant due to Internal Strife over Constitutional Reform. But like you,I would vote for something like Svoboda(although I am for a Bi-Ritual Integralist Movement that synthesizes Constitutional Monarchy and Fascism practiced by Dollfus,Franco and Salazar).

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