A Close Reading of the “Tradinista Manifesto”

Elliot Milco’s devastating critique of the Tradinista Manifesto for The Josias.

The Josias

by Elliot Milco

Recently a group of anonymous individuals posted a document to the internet entitled “A Tradinista! manifesto.”  The document intends to outline a broad political programme for the foundation of a new variety of Catholic socialism.  Much more interesting things could be said, and will be said, at The Josias about this “Tradinista!” group, but for the present I would like to offer a close reading of their manifesto, simply so this document does not go unacknowledged here.

The text is included below in its entirety (in pink), with interlinear commentary (in black).  I have aimed to read the document as it stands, rather than inferring positions or philosophies into it based on my familiarity with several of the anonymous authors (at least one of whom has contributed to The Josias in the past).  The commentary is therefore very narrow and particular.  It may…

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