Those who follow me on Facebook are already aware of this, but for those who do not I wanted to announce two things.

First, I have accepted an offer to become assistant editor at Angelus Press, the publishing arm of the Society of St. Pius X. In addition to my day-to-day editorial duties, I will also be concentrating more on contributing original pieces for their various publishing endeavors. (For those interested in my prior contributions to the Society’s English-language magazine, The Angelus, please consult the “Writings” section of this web-log.)

Second, in order to concentrate my energies on my new position, I am putting a moratorium on new writing for Opus Publicum with the caveat that I will begin re-posting pieces from earlier iterations of this blog which readers have been requesting for some time. I will also use the blog to keep people posted on my off-blog writings and other matters which may be of interest.

Please don’t misunderstand. This is not the end of Opus Publicum and certainly not the end of my online presence. Your prayers during this time of transition are most appreciated.



  1. gregorystackpole
    May 27, 2016


  2. Tom Smith
    May 27, 2016

    Congrats indeed. It’s exciting that there will be an Eastern voice in an influential role in the trad world.

    This will also earn you the ire of a great many outside the trad community… have fun with that.

    1. Gabriel Sanchez
      May 27, 2016

      Perhaps, though I really see this as an opportunity to help facilitate bridge-building not needless, and uncharitable, accusations. Granted, I don’t have any desire to “remake” a voice geared toward traditional Latin Catholics, but if my contributions can both contribute to elevating the output and helping Eastern and Western Catholics better understand one another, then it’ll be a success.

      1. John
        May 27, 2016

        Congrats and the best of luck. I am relatively knew to your blog and have enjoyed reading your pieces. I hope one of your re-postings of older material might contain information on how you joined the Eastern Church. I’m discerning a change myself and shares from others might be helpful to me.

        1. Gabriel Sanchez
          May 27, 2016


          I grew up as an Eastern Catholic and serving with Eastern priests, so that’s how I am in the fold. I have spent time around traditional Latin Catholic settings as well, particularly when I was in Chicago. I prefer to look at the Church in a truly Catholic sense, even if that can be hard from time to time.

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