Books for Sale – Liturgical (Expanded and Revised)

The following is a list of liturgical/liturgical-related books I am selling soon on EBay, but am offering here first at a discount. All prices include shipping, which means media mail with tracking. Any further services, such as priority mail or shipping via FedEx or UPS, will incur additional costs. For those who purchase multiple items, I am willing to provide discounts, depending on what is being purchased and the volume. In the interest of saving space, I have not included photos, but would be happy to provide them if you wish.

Everything is being sold on a first come, first served basis. However, if you see an item that you want and you can’t afford for a few days to a week, I may be willing to put a “hold” on the item so long as you honestly intend to pay for it. I accept payments using Google Wallet, Paypal, or, absent those, I will wait for a check or money order, but I will not ship until payment has been received and cleared.

If need be, I can provide references of past buyers. Please email me at: opuspublicum at g mail dot com. Or click the link on the “Contact” page.

01. Breviarium Romanum (Benziger Brothers 1945, 4 volumes) – Condition: Good; Price: $300 (reduced)

This is a rare complete set of the traditional Roman breviary with the Vulgate Psalter which was published just prior to the 1950s/60s abbreviations. Each volume contains six marker ribbons, most of which are in fair to good shape, and sturdy binding with black leather covers, all of which show a bit of wear. With the exception of a few light pencil notes made by the set’s original owner, all of the pages are clean and durable. With many Catholic publishers switching to the so-called “Bea” or “Pius XII” psalter in 1945, finding the traditional breviary as promulgated in 1911 by St. Pius X is an extreme rare find. As a bonus, I am including a copy of the St. Lawrence Press Ordo recitandi 2015 and the zip-up cloth Bible cover which I have used to protect whichever volume I was using. Each volume also contains update cards and leaflets incorporating feasts added to the Roman calendar after 1945, including the new propers for the Feast of the Assumption and the Feast of St. Pius X.

02. Breviarium Romanum (Marietti 1952, 4 volumes) – Condition: Good/Very Good; Price: $125

This is a four volume set of the traditional Roman breviary with the Bea/Pius XII Psalter. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the last edition published which follows St. Pius X’s rubrics and contains none of the abbreviations and alterations made under Pius XII in the mid-1950s or John XXIII in 1962. Each volume has sturdy binding, black leather covers that show little wear, and clean, durable pages. Two volumes have six marker ribbons while the other two are missing theirs. Each volume is easy to transport (6×4) and relatively light, making it ideal to take to Church. As a bonus, I will include the pocket volume My Daily Bread, an English translation of the Pius XII Psalter ordered according to the ferial breviary offices.

03. Breviarium Romanum (Les Amis de Saint Francois de Sales 2008, 2 volumes) – Condition: Very Good; Price: $175 (reduced)

This two volume set of the 1962 Roman breviary with the Vulgate Psalter was published by the Society of St. Pius X in 2008. It is a new printing, not a reprint or facsimile. Both volumes come with study black imitation leather covers and four marker ribbons. Because both volumes have been used for several years, they do contain some light wear on the gilt edging and to the marker ribbons, along with a few creases on certain pages. You can view what the set looks like brand new here. One of the particular advantages of this set over other editions of the 1962 breviary is that the entire Psalter is in an easy-to-read single column format.

04. Breviarium Monasticum (Dessain 1939, 4 volumes) – Condition: Very Good/Like New; Price: $110

This is an excellent set of the complete Monastic breviary in an easy to carry, pocket-sized edition. Each volume has four intact marker ribbons, tight binding, clean pages, and almost no wear to their covers. In fact, it almost seems as if these books were never used at all. Each volume also comes with a black cardboard slip case to help protect them when they are not in use. This set follows the Benedictine calendar and order of services as they existed up until 1963. However, those who follow the 1963 rubrics will find that it is easy to adapt the usage contained in these volumes.

05. Roman Martyrology (??? Reprint 1962) – Condition: Very Good/Like New; Price: $18

This is the Roman Martyrology in English, adapted for the 1962 calendar. For those who regularly pray Prime or wish to expand their daily prayer devotional, this is an ideal volume. More details on this book can be found here.

06. Diurnale Romanum (???) – Condition: Very Good; Price: $50

This is a gently used reprint of the day hours of the 1962 Roman breviary which is sold by both the SSPX and the Fraternity of St. Peter. You can view what it looks like new here. The binding is tight. The marker ribbons are intact and the Psalter is laid out in a convenient single column format. For those without the time to pray Matins or are looking for a cost effective way to pray most of the daily office, this is an ideal volume.

07. The Raccolta (Loreto reprint 1958) – Condition: Very Good/Like New; Price: $19

In one handy volume are the approved prayers and devotions of the Catholic Church as they stood in 1957 under the reign of Pius XII. Almost all of the prayers and devotions are in English, though the Latin text is often included as well. More details can be found here.

08. New Roman Missal by Fr. Lasance (Christian Book Club of America 1993) – Condition: Very Good; Price: $25

This is an excellent reprint of the 1945 hand missal by Fr. Lasance. Includes all of the daily Mass propers, extra devotions, and an appendix of liturgical explanations, and more. This missal has been gently used and can last for years with the right care. More details on its contents are available here.

09. St. Andrew’s Daily Missal (St. Bonaventure Press 2011) – Condition: Good/Very Good; Price: $30

Complete details on this book can be found here. The one I am selling has some wear to the edging due to fairly frequent use and some minor frays on the marker ribbons. This book is without a doubt the single most impressive hand missal produced in English and an indispensable reference book even for those who are not able to attend daily Mass.

10. The Liturgical Year (St. Bonaventure Press 1997, 15 volumes) – Condition: Good/Very Good; Price: $125 (reduced)

This massive reprint of The Liturgical Year is now out of print and this particular edition comes with fifteen hardcover volumes as opposed to a mix of hard and soft covered. Basic details on the set are available here. All of the volumes are in very good shape, though some light wear can be found on a couple of the books and one has some light purple marker scribbled on the back and some of the opening pages (everything is readable). As it seems unlikely that this set will be reproduced anytime in the near future, this is an excellent way to ensure you have one of the most impressive works of liturgical scholarship as part of your library.