Going Along

I am embarking upon a fairly detailed writing endeavor. The wise man would say that I should cease all blogging activity until it is finished. Being that I am anything but wise, I do plan to continue updating¬†Opus Publicum, only with posts that represent something like extended footnotes for the book I hope to complete no later than the end of this year. Some additional asides and commentaries on secondary sources are bound to make their way on here, which may or may not include critical responses to certain authors. Regardless, inter-ecclesial squabbling or, for that matter, intra-ecclesial squabbling will find no more quarter here. I have long maintained a strict “hands off” approach to my combox, but that policy is changing as of right now. I have no interest whatsoever in this blog becoming a lightning rod for Orthodox/Catholic polemics, nor do I believe it is prudent that my personal life — and personal choices — become the subject of gossip and innuendo. You may, of course, agree or disagree with my positions, and that is fine. I welcome¬†thoughtful criticism.

I know that in my own life I have a great deal to sort out. I have struggled. I have stumbled. I have sinned. I know that I have not always treated my interlocutors with the degree of charity I desire out of them nor have I always approached positions and ideas with which I disagree with the appropriate amount of levity. For that I am sorry. I do hope and pray that the substantive work in which I am currently engaged will bear good fruit.

Your prayers have done far more for me over the years than most of you realize. I cannot thank you enough.

Fortitudo mea et laus mea Dominus et factus est mihi in salutem