I am terrible with links. I admit it, and I haven’t done a thing to update the Links section to Opus Publicum since I (re-)launched it in July 2014. There are so many blogs and sites that I read regularly which have simply been left off of here and I plan to rectify that in due course.

Two lesser-known blogs I want to briefly highlight come from regular combox contributors to this one: Gregory Stackpole’s Into the Clarities and Bernard Brandt’s Random Conjectures. Both are well worth reading.

Also, if you notice that I have updated my links and omitted your blog or website, please don’t feel it rude to bring it to my attention. Sometimes things just get lost in the sauce, as they say.



  1. gregorystackpole
    December 14, 2015

    Glad to have found your blog, Bernard.

    –and thank you, Gabriel. You’re really the only blog I make it to regularly, and I don’t usually miss a post. WordPress’ e-mail option is clutch. Unless things hit my Inbox, the press of life simply pulls me past many things that would otherwise interest me.

    I’m not sure whether my WordPress theme even allows me to have a link column along the side for other blogs –I *think* I looked into this when I started the site a year ago– but you’re already far more responsible than I am for even paying attention to it.

  2. Bernard Brandt
    December 14, 2015

    Thank you, Gabriel, for your plug of my weblog. And thank you, gregorystackpole, for your kind words. I must admit, though, that of the two weblogs mentioned, yours is the better. And now that I have found it, I shall certainly be reading it.

    1. gregorystackpole
      December 14, 2015

      Your genuine humility won’t persuade me. You’re obviously the better writer, and have more character.

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