The Ochlophobist’s Why I am… Series

With Opus Publicum still in down-shift mode, let me suggest that you pay a visit to The Ochlophobist web-log where Mr. Owen White is hosting a series of posts from various contributors entitled, “Why I am…” (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, etc.). The series has a very unique set of rules, which you can peruse here. While there are already many fascinating contributions posted, if you need a place to start, I heartily recommend Pater Edmund Waldstein’s “Why I am a Christian” and Bernard Brandt’s “Why I am an Eastern (Catholic) Christian.” Although I have been invited to contribute to the series, I am not sure at this point if I will be able to. Even so, just reading and reflecting on what has already been posted has been a very fruitful exercise.


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  1. Bernard Brandt
    January 23, 2016

    Thank you, Gabriel, particularly for the link to Pater Edmund Waldstein’s entry. Marvelous!

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