The Silence is Deafening (or Golden)

As you can see, activity has not picked up on the blog; I am busy with other, life-related, things. So it goes. Between ebola and the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, surely there is plenty else in the world to keep you occupied. In “Catholic land,” our Sovereign Pontiff, Francis, has just finished a visit of South Korea where, among other things, he called for peace and reconciliation between north and south. Some economists are fretting over whether or not there is another recession on the horizon and, despite my best efforts, I think I may fall short of finishing Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century before I return it to the library. Rectify, which aired this season’s penultimate episode last week, remains the best (and most under-appreciated) show on television. Oh, and in an unprecedented show of in-ring brutality against a made main-eventer, Brock Lesnar destroyed John Cena at Summerslam for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The last time I saw a beating that bad, Phil Coke was on the mound for the Detroit Tigers. Speaking of the Motor City Bengals, it looks like upgrading to having David Price in the rotation has done absolutely nothing with respect to their win/loss record. Perhaps this is Kanas City’s year…but probably not.

Anyway, I shall return — I am just not sure when. I’m aiming for Thursday.