After more than a year of experimenting with a new theme for Opus Publicum‘s layout, I have decided to return to the one I used when I launched the first version this blog in 2011. While I am not insensitive to some of the “Manifest” theme’s drawbacks, I am not particularly fond of the old theme hiding the “About” and “Writings” pages under a tab which few first-time visitors notice or click on. Further, by hiding the “Categories” for each post, the previous theme was not conducive to visitors searching the archives for additional commentary. A casual comparison of my stats under the previous two themes as opposed to this one reveals a substantial drop in “clicking around.” As usual, if you have any feedback or suggestions to offer, I am all eyes.

Addendum, 1/13/15: After soliciting feedback from various quarters, I have settled on a new design altogether. Basically what it came down to is that the previous template was not mobile friendly; and as one faithful reader put it to me, “Everyone reads your blog on the Blue Line in Chicago.” If only that were true.