Urgent Prayer Request for the Charron Family – Updated


Dear readers, the following urgent prayer request from Fr. Jason Charron and his wife Halyna of Carnegie, PA (Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church) came across my e-mail a little while ago. Father’s daughter Martha is gravely ill and he is asking for prayers to Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky for her recovery. The request they sent out is copied below.

Update 7/8/16: A friend passed on the following update concerning young Martha’s condition:

“Martha had an emergency surgery on Wednesday and was brought out of her coma this afternoon and opened her eyes.”

Please continue to pray for this little girl’s healing and consolations for her family. Ask Metropolitan Andrey for his intercession and offer your petitions to our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary for her full recovery.

Dear Family and friends in Christ,

Please pray for our little Martha.

I took her into the emergency room on Monday after two days at home with fever and a sore leg.

For two days the doctors had her on pain killers to deal with the pain.

Turns out she had a staph. infection in her bone marrow. This evening she was rushed into emergency surgery  here at Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh.  Unfortunately her little body couldn’t deal with all of this and has now developed  a bad case of sepsis. The medical team has now placed her in a medically induced coma with breathing tube, etc. They don’t know how long they’ll have to keep her in this state.

Whether she lives or dies nobody can tell. We turn to prayer now more than ever.  Should God take her in these following days, then to God be the glory, but if it be His holy will to give her to us for more time, then glory to Him. Please pray Christ the true God, to give us more time with our beloved Martunnya.

Glory to God for all things , even the things we don’t understand…

Please ask everyone you know to pray to Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytsky for her healing. ..please, I beg of you to spread this prayer request to your friends and family,  especially those who are ppeople of fervant prayer.
Fr Jason and Halyna Charron



  1. matthewgaul
    July 7, 2016

    Sts. Luke, Cosmas, and Damien, pray for her and them!

    1. matthewgaul
      July 7, 2016

      And Andrei, as requested!

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