1. Aethelfrith
    July 28, 2016

    These are all good goals, but accomplishing them is putting the cart before the horse. The necessary antecedent is to get rid of the secular-liberal ordo.

  2. Alex
    July 29, 2016

    “… the moral law recognises the family and the nation to be moral persons. They have the qualities and the natural rights of persons. And by the law of God the essential rights of the family and the nation, and especially their right to live, are prior to the rights of any state. It is part also of the moral law that no state has the right to use any other national entity merely as a means to its own profit, and no state has a right to seek national advantages which would mean genuine harm to any other nation. All that is universal Christian tradition. It is also Christian tradition that men should obey the moral law rather than the law of a state whenever the two should clash. … It is universal Christian tradition that it is the duty of members of a family and of a nation to defend the essential rights of the family and of the nation, and especially it is a duty to preserve the life of a nation, or to defend it from any mortal blow, by all means possible short of taking human life unjustly or breaking the moral law. … Now, everywhere in Europe today we see governments asserting that they are above the moral law of God, that they recognise no other law but the will of the government, and that they recognise no other power but the power of the state. These governments claim absolute powers; they deny the rights of persons and of moral persons. They deny that they can be challenged by any code of morals, and they demand the absolute obedience of men. Now that is Atheism. It is the denial of God, of God’s law. It is the repudiation of the entire Christian tradition of Europe, and it is the beginning of the reign of chaos.”

    — Saunders Lewis, 1936

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