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  1. Bernard Brandt
    March 18, 2016

    I have long had both a soft spot in my heart, and definitely a place among the furniture of my mind, for Distributism, even in the far past of my foolish youth when I passed through such phases of folly as Randroidism (aka Objectivism) and anarcho-capitalism. Distributism alone remains, together with the suggestions of Jane Jacobs as to the ways of the building up of a city, or the economic theories of E. F. Schumacher, and most recently, with the offerings of Nassim Nicholas Taleb. They seem to agree better with the teachings of the Church Fathers, or the more recent teachings of Catholic Social Doctrine.

    I have also come to the conclusion that St. John Chrysostom was right, and that most wealth is the product of theft. Whenever I have actually traced back most ‘wealth producers’ and examined the means by which they gained their wealth, I am confirmed in my conclusion. A one or so hour walk from my home leads me to Trump International Golf Course, which the eponymous thief got cheap when the two brothers who bickered over their parents’ estate drove themselves into bankruptcy. Bill Gates built Microsoft on the theft of the operating system which he stole from Apple. And Apple, while it has grown rich by providing useful gadgets, has had those gadgets built on slave labor from China, and materials gotten from the exploitation of native Africans. So it goes.

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