1. Matthew Gaul
    May 12, 2015

    Since almost all of us were born to bourgeois families and come to illiberalism later, for us it may be a matter of “harm reduction,” and natural illiberalism *may* only be usually possible for children raised illiberally.

    We don’t have landed free peasants, landed gentries, communities built around monasteries, and so on.

    For example, does a 35-year-old convert to illiberalism abandon his bourgeois career, move to a monastery-adjacent town, and become a farmer? Maybe some can do that, but many will have family, parish, and other responsibilities that will prevent it. Some may just not have any livable non-bourgeois skills.

    But everyone can say to their kids, “I am in finance (or whatever) so that you don’t have to be. Make better choices than I did. I will help you.”

    Everyone can give alms, and/or buy land to keep it out of excess commercial development, and/or minimize mercantile vanity, etcetera.

    Does this make sense? I definitely don’t have a good answer for this generstion.

  2. Patricius
    May 13, 2015

    I left social media about four years ago. As you say, the price we pay is irrelevance. There is no Patricius Twitter feed, or a Liturgiae Causa fan page on Facebook. Facebook is dangerous; Twitter is a left-wing mob. I found out recently that I have a Google+ account with over three million views, but I never use it. Am I eccentric or unreasonable for my suspicion? We have to live in the world as it is, to an extent, but does there come a point when you say that a certain forum, a certain aspect of modern life is incompatible with my Christian faith? When you look at the modern world, so much of which has gone the way of the Devil, there isn’t much with which you can feel at ease. Even buying shopping with a bank card is anti-Christian!


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