1. Aethelfrith
    January 12, 2016

    Someone on the Internet once said that he would recommend a Novus Ordo Catholic to attend the TLM for ten years and that a traddie should attend a happy, clappy, guitar playing Novus Ordo mass for ten years. A liturgical exchange if you will.

    I sometimes wonder if some tradCaths hew to Tradition for the wrong reasons, like to find an imprimatur to destroy one’s enemies. See Ann “Give him the Sacraments and a bullet in the head” Barnhardt.

  2. DogoCanario
    January 12, 2016

    “…open access to purchasing a small armory.”

    Could you clarify your thoughts on this point?

  3. Janet Baker
    January 13, 2016

    There is a way to unite us, and there must be a way to unite us. One cannot hate one’s own country. As my former SSPX pastor preached one Sunday, It’s not ‘My Country Right or Wrong, but ‘My Country when It’s Right, Fix it When It’s Wrong.’

    The way forward is clear and ridiculously difficult. We have to evangelize like mad in the supernatural, and in the natural show how a restoration of the Faith is desirable and possible. Of course it is. If you’ve been following the economy, marriage and increased birth rate fix a host of ills from immigration to prosperity. The case can easily be made, but we aren’t making it at all (bishops believe in climate change which promotes ‘population control’ ). The reason we’d have to evangelize in both the supernatural issues of the Faith along with the natural is that we would have to promote putting God in our constitution. We’d have to confront and beat the idea most poisonous to the world right now, the separation of Church and State (cf Brian McCall’s new To Build the City of God, Angelus Press, and may I say, also my new science fiction novel Run in which Catholics escape from Earth’s first space colony and set up a Catholic state; Malapert Press, google it). For us to do that we’d have to show people what Catholicism is, that is, evangelize.

    Jonathon Last has a book called What to Expect When No One’s Expecting which gives us the rest of the platform on a platter. It’s a pro-family political roadmap, if only we’d pick up on it.

    Of course we’d have a third party, like FIDESZ.

    Our present leadership is comfortable on their rounds of conferences. SSPX very quietly said for their faithful to run for public office (Kansas City Christ the King conference couple of years back), but they did absolutely nothing practical to organize such an undertaking and of course nothing further was done (and SSPX chapels are hotbeds of rightwing radio whose main topics are killing Muslims, not fighting secularism, alas).

    There is a way forward. To build a holy people and to build a holy party. To use the rosary as a tool the way FIDESZ did. They achieved a huge victory in their 2/3 vote to amend their constitution, put God back in (in our case it wouldn’t be ‘back in,’ it would just be ‘in’), forbade forever homosexual marriage and adoption, and they have begun to fight the banks, begun to assert control over usury. (Europe would wipe them off the face of the earth if they could.)

    There is a way forward.

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