1. Ita Scripta Est
    July 28, 2014

    This shows the necessity of articulating a position that goes beyond neo-conservatism and libertarianism. I think a lot of well meaning traditional Christians get suckered into the libertarian camp thinking that there is no real alternatives to the neo-cons.

    I am not sure if you ever saw an old post on my now deleted blog, but I contended that a traditionalist can and should not only reject neo-conservative foreign policy but also reject the libertarian/paleo-con “non-interventionist” position as well which is a view that is often right but for profoundly wrong reasons. A traditionalist should reject the wars merely because they are morally unjust wars fought to spread liberalism. I have yet to see a really authenticate traditionalist critique of American adventurism, so often traditionalists just borrow from the libertarians, but to do that is to drink from the poisoned well of liberalism.

  2. […] those whom the latter refers to as “neoconservative Catholics” (see my brief thoughts on that here) “have tended, then, to read the Church’s teaching on sexual ethics to be violable, but […]


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