After Crete (or Whose Council? Which Orthodoxy?)

In the past few days several people have asked me for links on the recently concluded “Holy and Great Council” held by (part of) the Eastern Orthodox Church in Crete last month. My first instinct is to implore others to read the conciliar documents themselves. Unlike a lot of official document emanating from Rome over the past 50+ years, the Cretan statements are generally clear and concise even if they are far from perfect (and perhaps farther yet from representing world Orthodoxy’s actual views). For those interested, I have collected a sample of links on the Council below, including some preparatory material which may be helpful is understanding what was supposed to go on in Crete and what wasn’t. Please keep in mind that I do not necessarily endorse all of the views expressed below, and some are, in fact, quite at odds with my own thinking on “things Orthodox.” If you have additional links to add, please mention them in the combox.

My Thoughts

Over the past several weeks I have written three pieces for two distinct outlets covering the Orthodox Council and related peripheral matters. Due to standing editorial rules, two were posted without attribution.

Pre-Conciliar Commentary

Post-Conciliar Commentary 


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  1. Bernard Brandt
    July 12, 2016

    Thank you, Gabriel. I suppose where we end up depends on what we want. I prefer light to heat, myself. Thus, with any luck, and a great deal of mercy, I may be granted Heaven, instead of Hell.

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