All Souls Day

If someone were to ask me to briefly summarize one of the most unsettling problems in the Catholic Church today, I might be inclined to point to this day, the Feast of All Souls, and note three things: (1) That All Souls Day can be, and this year was, widely celebrated on a Sunday; (2) That priests are neither expected nor encouraged to trinate on the feast (i.e., celebrate three Masses); and (3) The disappearance of the privileged altar. The Ecclesia Militans has abandoned the Ecclesia Penitens. This makes quite a bit of sense in a day and age when we’re told to “dare to hope” about the final destination of all souls, including those who have departed and/or wage war against Christ’s Holy Church.

Let me be clear: The holy souls in Purgatory need our help now more than ever. If we do not abandon them, they will not abandon us when they gain their reward in Heaven. For the remainder of this week, consider dedicating yourself spiritually to gaining a plenary indulgence for a soul still suffering. Consider, too, remembering the most forgotten souls in Purgatory when reciting the Rosary and offer your intention at Mass for their speedy delivery into the arms of our Holy Mother. And if you can, make time to recite the Officium Defunctorum as well. All of these acts, plus the innumerable prayers and petitions given to us by Holy Mother Church, are powerful aids to the holy souls and to ourselves as well.