Celebrating the Kingship of Christ

With this Sunday being the traditional day on which the Feast of Christ the King is celebrated, I thought it would be good to dedicate part of a series of pieces I am composing to the liturgical wreck-o-vation which was visited upon this great solemnity after the Second Vatican Council. Professor Peter Kwasniewski has beaten me to the punch, however.

So, let me encourage you to click on over to Rorate Caeli and read his interesting piece, “Should the Feast of Christ the King Be Celebrated in October or November?” From the post:

The very first expression of the Kingship of Christ over man is found in the natural moral law that comes from God Himself; the highest expression of His kingship is the sacred liturgy, where material elements and man’s own heart are offered to God in union with the divine Sacrifice that redeems creation. Today, we are witnessing the auto-demolition of the Church on earth, certainly in the Western nations, as both the faithful and their shepherds run away and hide from the reality of the Kingship of Christ, which places such great demands on our fallen nature and yet promises such immense blessings in time and eternity. The relentless questioning of basic moral doctrine (especially in the area of marriage and family), the continual watering down of theology and asceticism, the devastation of the liturgy itself—all these are so many rejections of the authority of God and of His Christ.