If You Want to Argue About Baptism…

. . .  then venture over to the Byzantine Texas web-log where folks of various ecclesiastical stripes are discussing Orthodox fundamentalist theologian Fr. Peter Alban Heers’s views on “heterodox” baptisms. (I briefly discussed Fr. Heers’s views on Opus Publicum here.) As several people have noted, the combox discussion surrounding the article is surprisingly civil. However, those who have a low tolerance for “unbroken Orthodox tradition” rhetoric and canons-speak may wish to steer clear.


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  1. gregorystackpole
    May 12, 2016

    Ephrem’s comments in that older post hold forth Tertullian, Cyprian, and Augustine as representative of a more rigoristic baptismal practice. Citing these three as a witness of the universal Church completely ignores the fact that North Africa, like the other larger areas of the world that were more-or-less culturally unified, was a microchristendom with its own spiritual culture, and that therefore other regions may have handled this differently. No attempt at a universal demonstration is shown.

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