Most Have Read This, But…

Since I have tried to chronicle the ongoing saga of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) and Rome, I thought I should direct you, dear readers, to the New Liturgical Movement website where you will find an approved English translation of Fr. Franz Schmidberger’s leaked communique concerning the Society’s (pending?) regularization. I thought this was one of the most important points made in the document.

Let us not lose sight of the danger that the faithful and certain confreres may get used to the abnormal situation and regard it as normal. The criticism here and there against any participation in the Holy Year, and also the complete disregard for the conferral by Pope Francis of ordinary jurisdiction for Confession (we have always cited the emergency situation and have quite rightly made use of extraordinary jurisdiction for Confession) are cause for concern. If the faithful or some confreres feel comfortable in this situation of freedom relating to independence from the hierarchy, then this indicates a creeping loss of the sensus Ecclesiae. We must never argue: “We have sound teaching, the true Holy Mass, our seminaries and priories and above all bishops. So we don’t need anything.”

More to come.