On Pro-Universalist Arguments

This is the same deal as the last post, only more serious. Promise.

  • I don’t care for “mean God.”
  • And neither does anyone else, and I would prefer Sheila down the hall to say “Yes” when I ask her out next Tuesday.
  • Ok, I would like to fornicate with Sheila down the hall and not have to confess it the following Saturday when Fr. Rick is in the box (between the hours of 3:50p-3:55p). (That’s because Sheila is a man, h/t Tone Loc.)
  • David B. Hart believes in it and he’s never wrong about theology, philosophy, or metaphysics, cf. debate w/ Feser on natural law
  • #beheadalfeyev (w/o eternal consequences)
  • Freedom, beauty, truth, mercy, narrative, authentic reception of individualized truth, and so on and so forth…
  • Daren’t we hope?
  • People who believe in hell suffer from any number of psychological problems that renders their arguments null and void.
  • Whenever the word “hell” appears in Scripture, we have to understand it as an allegory for heaven.
  • Not “hell no” but “Hell? No.”
  • Because Stone Cold said so.
  • If it existed, surely there’d be a Terrence Malick film about it by now.
  • Deus caritas est