Weekly Reading – December 19, 2014

I’m going to keep the descriptions brief this week.

  • JJ Ladoucer, “Exit and Human Nature,” The Mitrailleuse – An outstanding reflection on the abandoned commune of Llano del Rio.
  • Fr. John Hunwicke, “Massacres” and “Celebrations,” Mutual Enrichment – The latter made me laugh; the former made me lament.
  • Bishop Fellay Blesses Crib in EU Parliament,” Society of St. Pius X – Just reread that headline a few (dozen) times; then proceed.
  • Ronald K.L. Collins, “Posner on Posner” (eight parts, so far), Concurring Opinions – CO has been running a lengthy interview series with Judge Richard Posner. After all of these years and all of my disagreements with his thinking, I still find him fascinating.