Weekly Reading – December 5, 2014

I failed to do one of these last week, and I am sure a number of you have had enough CST-related posts to last you awhile.

  • Eric Posner, “The Case Against Human Rights,” The Guardian – This is a lengthy, but not overwhelming, restatement of the main argument Posner makes in his latest book, The Twilight of Human Rights Law. Arguably, the most important point in this piece comes toward the end where Posner discusses the role of human development and wellbeing as being a more useful paradigm than the one provided by the human-rights regime.
  • Andrei Navrozov, “…And a Little Hypocrisy,” Chronicles – ‘Tis the season for a bit of critical self-reflection on the state of the Russian Orthodox Church.
  • Thomas Storck, “What’s Really at Stake in the Catholic Showdown?,” Ethika Politika – If you read my recent posts on CST, you’ll already have some idea what this article is about. In it, Storck outlines why the ongoing debate between neoliberal/libertarian Catholics and those who are sometimes called “radical” or “illiberal” Catholics isn’t just a friendly spat; it is a controversy over orthodoxy.
  • Nicholas Frankovich, “What Clericalism Looks Like,” First Things – Stupidity, banality, and pettiness are alive and well in this, our (second?) “Springtime of the Church.”