Weekly Reading – November 21, 2014

Alright, you know the drill.

  • Eric Posner, “Obama’s Immigration Plan is Perfectly Constitutional,” Slate – Although I understand that reasonable minds can disagree about what should be done with respect to immigration, the firestorm over how Obama is choosing to address it betrays a general lack of knowledge concerning both the Constitution and how the U.S. government actually functions. Posner (and his occasional coauthor Adrian Vermeule) has been laying this out in the open for years. Unsurprisingly, few have paid any attention.
  • Gerald J. Russello, “Distributism: More Than a Middle Way,” American Conservative – This article is actually a review of John Medaille’s Toward a Truly Free Market. I missed this back in 2010 when it was first published. If you’ve been wondering whether or not to purchase the book, hopefully this piece will convince you to do so.
  • Bishop Bernard Fellay, “Superior General’s Letter #83,” Society of St. Pius X – I’ll just quote Fr. John Hunwicke on this one: “If, in the past, you have avoided reading anything that emerged from the Society, you might well feel that this letter merits breaking your rule! It seems to me an interesting contribution to a very topical debate.”
  • Andrew Yuengert, “The Market Made Me Do It” (Part One and Two), Front Porch Republic – There is a lot packed into these two pieces, and I plan to write more in depth about them next week. I just thought I would draw your attention to them in advance.