Weekly Reading – October 3, 2014

Here we go again.

  • Max Blau, “Jason Molina’s Long Dark Blues,” Chicago Reader – Jason Molina (Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co.) always struck me as a very private man who was only comfortable revealing himself through his music. What he revealed was a lot of depression, alienation, and disappointment — but there was also hope. And because of the light of hope which shone through various entries in his impressive catalog of works, it was all the more shocking and sad to find that he had succumbed to the darkness in March 2013 due to his struggle with alcoholism. Blau’s write-up on Molina is uniformly excellent.
  • Interview with Bishop Bernard Fellay,” DICI – Though it doesn’t go into the specifics of his recent meeting with Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, Fellay’s interview does raise some provocative points about the connection between the Second Vatican Council and Cardinal Kasper’s mad plan to divide doctrine from praxis with respect to divorced-and-remarried Catholics. On Rome/SSPX relations generally, it looks like both sides are at a stalemate, but one wonders if that won’t change after the upcoming Synod on the Family.
  • Roberto de Mattei, “Understanding in Depth the Grave Errors of Cardinal Kasper,” Rorate Caeli – Mattei drops his gloves on the eve of the Synod on the Family. Good for him. In a saner era, Kasper would have been relieved of his duties and censured for spreading heresy and dissent. Instead, he’s lauded by an uncomfortably large (albeit minority) segment of the Catholic Church. Even if the Synod rejects his proposals, the fact they have been put into circulation at all will provide more illicit comfort to open dissenters from the magisterium.