Weekly Reading – October 31, 2014

Better late (in the day) than never, perhaps.

  • Victor Gaetan, “Ruthenian Renaissance,” National Catholic Register – This story is a couple weeks old but it only “came across my desk” this week. While many know the tragic tale of the Ruthenian Church’s poor treatment by the American Catholic hierarchy in the 19th and early 20th centuries, along with its suppression by Soviet authorities, few likely realize that this relatively tiny communion continues to survive — indeed thrive — up to the present day.
  • Joseph Shaw, “We Are Not Facing a Heretical Pope,” LMS Chairman Blog – Given all of the hyperbole and acrimony kicked up by the recently concluded “Extraordinary Synod,” some sober reflecting is in order. My suggestion is that you should start here.
  • Bishop Bernard Fellay, “Interview on the Synod,” Rorate Caeli – Here is another sober reflection, this time on not only the Synod, but also Paul VI’s beatification. Also included in the post is a recounting of the ongoing silliness in Italy over the ecclesial standing of those Catholics who receive sacraments from the Society of St. Pius X.
  • Rany Jazayerli, “Pain Demands to be Felt,” Grantland – October is over and so is baseball, so now we have the months ahead to recap the previous season while daily eyeing the trade market. This piece by Jazayerli does a wonderful job review the Kansas City Royals’s improbable postseason run.